A Return to Normal Elbow Functionality

With lower rates of complications and less requirement for restriction to activities post-surgery, the LRE System offers clinically proven results for restoring the normal anatomy and function in the elbow joint. All this in one, single-use instrumentation kit designed for your patient.

Resurfacing not replacement

Reduced Recovery Time

Resurfacing rather than replacement means reduced recovery period.

The reduced nature of the surgery required and the unique design of the LRE System mean that recovery times are reduced significantly, with less need for pain-killers and hospital stays and a quicker return to your patient’s normal daily activities.

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Clinically Beneficial

Proven to Improve Lives

Clinically proven to benefit your patients’ lives.

Multiple clinical studies have shown the LRE System to benefit patients’ recovery, both in terms of lessened associated complications and by ensuring that patients see a return to normal elbow anatomy, with pain and extension-flexion scores much improved when compared to alternative prosthetic elbow implants.

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Patient specific


Manufactured to best fit the elbow anatomy of each patient.

We recognise that each patient and their elbow are unique in terms of their functional requirements and using digital imaging, the LRE System utilises the state-of-the-art OrthoView™ pre-operative planning system to select the most appropriate components for your unique and individual elbow.

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