Quicker Recovery, Better Outcomes, Less Elbow Pain

Before the introduction of the LRE System the outcome of the surgical options available to sufferers of elbow pain were unpredictable, often unsatisfactory and required lengthy post-operative rehabilitation. Since its introduction the LRE system has been proven to provide predictable satisfactory long-term results which have enabled a return to ‘normal daily activities including work’ and reduced pain in the elbow. Improving the quality of your life is our priority.

LRE surgery involves restoring your normal elbow anatomy, not removing parts of your elbow joint. It is the ‘conservative’ nature of the surgery which has made it available particularly to younger patients leading more active lives, for whom the earlier surgical options would be considered to be inappropriate.

The intrinsic design of the LRE System enables you to once again resume all the activities you enjoy without the restrictions required to alternatives such as TEA.

Road to Recovery

This begins on your first post-operative day. After removal of your bandages you will begin gentle active elbow flexion exercises under physiotherapy supervision. You will be able to safely discard your resting elbow splint 4-6 weeks following surgery and with a progressive physiotherapy supervised exercise programme you can then expect to confidently resume your normal activities of daily living independently within 3 months of your procedure.