An Elbow-in-a-Box

For over 10 years, the LRE System has been improving the lives of suffers of chronic elbow pain and is the world’s only elbow system designed to restore the elbow’s normal range of movement by restoring not replacing the elbow joint.

Restoring not Replacing

The LRE System (Lateral Resurfacing Elbow) recognises that the elbow is a joint complex in which there are 3 joints . These elements are all distinctly different in Form and Function whilst being contained in one synovial cavity.

The unique design of the LRE System means that is minimal bone removal during surgery and instead allows surgeons to resurface, realign and then restore the elbow’s normal anatomy.  Importantly, the proximal radioulnar joint is fully preserved.  This is achieved by in laying the radial component and not resecting.  Maintaining the proximal radioulnar joint is paramount to the overall stability of the elbow and is a key part of the LRE System.

The process of restoring rather than replacing the elbow joint means the lateral resurfacing elbow is an effective alternative to total elbow arthroplasty (TEA) with lower rates of complications and does not require activities to be restricted to the same extent often seen following a TEA.

Why the LRE System?

10 Year Life-span

Backed by clinical data, the LRE System is the world’s only restorative elbow joint system that not only offers a return of normal anatomy but a 100% survivorship rate of up to 10 years. Time and again, clinical studies have demonstrated significant improvements in the range of movement consistent with the resumption of normal daily activities over an extended period.


Each LRE System is unique to the patient and comes in one sterile-packed box. The reduced inventory means that surgeons can be confident that they have everything they need as soon as they walk into theatre, which reduces the chance of complications, speeds up the procedure and minimises surgery waiting times.


OrthoView™ is an orthopaedic planning solution which offers the latest in digital templating for all joint replacements and enables the flexibility of digitised films to be used for pre-operative templating. Using OrthoView™ we can select the most appropriate components for your unique and individual elbow.

3 Month Recovery Period

Improving the quality of your life is our priority and with a progressive physiotherapy programme you can expect to confidently resume your normal activities of daily living independently within 3 months! The reduced nature of surgery, coupled with the unique design of the LRE System, means that recovery times are reduced significantly, with less need for painkillers and hospital stays.

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