Begin your journey to restoring your elbow's range of movement with the clinically proven LRE System and improve your quality of life by returning to normal daily activities.

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With 10 years of clinical data, the LRE System is the world’s only restorative elbow joint system that offers patients a return of normal anatomy.

LRE System

Improve Your Quality of Life

Using state-of-the-art digital imaging, the LRE System is the world’s only radiocapitellar joint resurfacing system that looks to restore your elbow’s normal range of movement.

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Restore your quality of life

Return to Normality

The LRE System restores your elbow’s normal functionality

The LRE System’s design means a return to normal elbow function with the full range of movement available to you and in the majority of cases patients report very encouraging results in terms of pain relief which means you can get back to to doing the things you love.

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Restore Not Replace

Improved Recovery Times

Resurfacing not replacing the elbow means improved recovery.

The unique design of the LRE System means we often seen improved recovery times with less need for pain-killers, hospital stays and quicker return to your normal daily activities.

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Matched To Your Elbow

Your Elbow-in-a-Box

Created for your unique elbow anatomy

Using digital imaging, the LRE System utilises the state-of-the-art OrthoView™ pre-operative planning system to select the most appropriate components for your unique and individual elbow.

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Your Elbow in a box

The LRE Concept provides everything you and your surgeon needs to bring more power to your elbow.

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