Your Elbow-in-a-Box

We recognise that each patient and their elbow is unique both in terms of their degree of disability and functional requirements. The LRE system has been designed and manufactured to best fit the elbow anatomy of each patient (available in four sizes) in order to restore their normal anatomical function and thereby enable each patient to make a speedy return to their normal daily activities.

The benefits of the LRE design concepts have now been established and are evidenced by the much lower complication rates and required activity restrictions than those associated with the other surgical alternatives for the relief of elbow pain.

OrthoView™ Digital Imaging

OrthoView™ is an orthopaedic planning solution which offers the latest in digital templating for all joint replacements and enables the flexibility of digitised films to be used for pre-operative templating. Using OrthoView™ we can select the most appropriate components for your unique and individual elbow.