Power To Your Elbow!

The LRE System is the world’s only elbow system designed to restore your normal range of movement. With over 10 years of clinical data, the LRE System can improve the quality of your life by returning you to your normal daily activities. Let the LRE System bring Power To Your Elbow!

Understand Your Elbow

Your Elbow’s Anatomy

Your elbow is a hinge joint made of three unique bones, the humerus, ulna and radius, and connects the upper and lower parts of your arm. The elbow itself is made up of tendons, ligaments and cartilage which together with muscles in the lower and upper arm provide nearly all the movement performed by your arm and hand.

Tendons attach your bicep, tricep and lower arm’s muscles to the bone and the medial collateral ligament (inside of the elbow) and the lateral collateral ligament (outside of the elbow) provide the elbow’s stability.

Finally, cartilage in the elbow – with the help of the fluid filled joint capsule – ensures that the bones making up the joint slide smoothly past one another and help to absorb shock through the bone.

Understanding Your Pain

Primary & Secondary Osteoarthritis

Dull aches and stiffness? Arthritis in the elbow joint can be caused by many factors including simple wear and tear of the joint’s cartilage or any loss of cartilage due to outside factors such as infection or rheumatoid arthritis. As the cartilage wears away, bone can begin to rub against bone which is both painful and will restrict the full range of movement of the elbow.

Trauma to the Elbow

As with osteoarthritis, pain and loss of motion are the likely outcomes of PTOA.   However, significant trauma of the elbow can often cause lasting damage to the joint. This can come from either a fall, involving an outstretched hand, or manual labour, involving hammering or another repetitive motion.

Tennis Elbow

From mild discomfort to swelling and tenderness, tennis elbow can affect sleep and will impact your day-to-day activities. Repetitive and overuse of the tendons on the outside of the elbow (gripping or twisting actions) can cause them to become inflamed as they rub against the bone on the outside of the joint.

Golfer’s Elbow

Although similar in both treatment and pain, golfer’s elbow affects the areas on the inside of the joint and can lead to a weakened grip, swelling and difficulty when picking up or handling heavy objects.

Total Elbow Replacement Complications

Pain or a loosening of a Total Elbow Replacement (TER) can come from a multitude of reasons including early wear from individuals using walking aids and bony deformities which have compromised the insertion of the stemmed components from a TER.

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