The LRE concept recognises that the elbow is a joint complex in which there are 3 joints (ulnohumeral, radiocapitellar, proximal radioulnar) all distinctly different in Form and Function, contained in one synovial cavity.

The LRE is designed to restore (not remove or replace) the normal anatomy of all the elements of the elbow joint complex in elbow arthritis.

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  • Clinically Proven Results – Multiple Centres
  • Resurfacing not replacement
  • Restores normal anatomy and function
  • Elbow in a Box
  • Sterile Packed
  • Single-use Instrumentation Kit
  • Scrub-team friendly
  • Eco-friendly Recyclable Instrumentation Kit
  • Shrink your Foot Print
  • Reduced inventory
  • Patient Specific
  • Continuing Medical Education